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Tue Sep 24 14:26:02 EDT 2002

  I am new to Snort and have a few nagging questions for the merciful person who can spare time to reply to this mesage.

1) I set Snort1.8 to run on a Redhat linux7.2 based machine over the week-end and found snort halted on monday with the following message on screen: Received signal 3, exiting.
Is that a default timeout programmed into snort to prevent it from running for prolonged time?
How is it different from the "Received signal 2, exiting" signal that we get when we exit snort using Ctrl+C.

2) How can I search the content of multiple log files/folders simultaneously for a string?
For example after I have logged sufficient traffic using the command: snort -dev ./snortlog
( snortlog is the folder I want to log thetraffic in )
how can I search through the traffic of a range of ip addresses, which are saved in folders (named after the ip addresses)

Thank you

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