[Snort-users] PHP build incomplete error on ACID

Shreyas Doshi shreyas.doshi at ...6955...
Tue Sep 24 09:16:03 EDT 2002

Yes, I did create the snort schema in MySQL, if that is what you are
referring to. Snort is writing to the database just fine. The problem
seems to be that ACID thinks that PHP is not compiled with MySQL
support; though I have used --with-mysql for the ./configure command.
Also, I have installed the php-mysql package though this was not
mentioned in the instructions.

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Once you did the build, did you go into mySQL and source the
script in the newly created snort database ?  

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Hi all,

I originally posted this message off google groups and did not receive
any replies. Hence, I am re-posting it directly on the list. Any help
will be deeply appreciated.

I installed snort, acid, phplot, adodb, gd, php, and mysql as per the
instructions on
on a Redhat 7.2 box running apache.

When I open the ACID URL, I get the following error:

PHP ERROR: PHP build incomplete: the prerequisite MySQL support
required to read the alert database was not built into PHP. Please
recompile PHP with the necessary library (--with-mysql)

The fact is, however, that I have compiled PHP with MySQL support. I
also tried installing php-mysql, guessing that maybe that could remedy
the situation.That did not work either.  I also tried to modify the
php.ini file in
/etc to say

"extension_dir=.:/usr/lib/php4"   ('cos thats where mysql.so is

Then, restarted httpd, but even this did not work.

First question:
Have I done the right thing in the php.ini file?

Second question:
How do I get rid of this error?

I am using Linux after a gap of 6 years, so I might be making some
mistakes - cant' figure out what though.


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