[Snort-users] problems with Win32 Service

David Lohry dplohry at ...6971...
Mon Sep 23 23:06:02 EDT 2002

I am having problems getting snort to work as a service. I repeatedly get 
errors no matter which way i start it. It doesn't matter whether I start 
directory with the program as in snort /service or net start snort or from 
the gui thing.
When I start snort /service from the command prompt, I get [Snort_Service] 
StartServiceCtrlDispatcher error=2

When I do a net start snort in cmd line or in the interface, I get

A system error has occured. System error 1067 has ocurred. The process 
terminated unexpectedly.

Everything works but the service. I am running Windows 2000 Pro.

dplohry at ...6971...

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