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I use Puresecure from Demarc, http://www.demarc.com
<http://www.demarc.com/> , it will cost you a few bucks but its worth it
if you want in depth monitoring
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You may want to look at Big Brother (http://bb4.com/) for monitoring
whole systems, but this requires an agent piece of software.  I use
Sysmon (http://www.sysmon.org/)  to test basic connectivity and for text
pager notification, and it seems to work pretty well.  
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Subject: [Snort-users] Monitoring Sensors
Hey all,
Asking myself, i'm thinking about some application that monitors my
snort sensors.
Some program that verify if the sensors are down, or if have some
problem, etc.
It´s very useful for networks that they have many sensors.
Looking in the web, i find some programs like a NetSaint, but i don't
know if these are useful for this function.
Anyone use some program like this?
Thanks in advance
Pedro Tedeschi
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