[Snort-users] PHP build incomplete error on ACID

Shreyas Doshi shreyas.doshi at ...6955...
Fri Sep 20 11:22:05 EDT 2002

Hi all,

I originally posted this message off google groups and did not receive
any replies. Hence, I am re-posting it directly on the list. Any help
will be deeply appreciated.

I installed snort, acid, phplot, adodb, gd, php, and mysql as per the
instructions on
on a Redhat 7.2 box running apache.

When I open the ACID URL, I get the following error:

PHP ERROR: PHP build incomplete: the prerequisite MySQL support
required to read the alert database was not built into PHP. Please
recompile PHP with the necessary library (--with-mysql)

The fact is, however, that I have compiled PHP with MySQL support. I
also tried installing php-mysql, guessing that maybe that could remedy
the situation.That did not work either.  I also tried to modify the
php.ini file in
/etc to say

"extension_dir=.:/usr/lib/php4"   ('cos thats where mysql.so is

Then, restarted httpd, but even this did not work.

First question:
Have I done the right thing in the php.ini file?

Second question:
How do I get rid of this error?

I am using Linux after a gap of 6 years, so I might be making some
mistakes - cant' figure out what though.


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