e: [Snort-users] snort.conf

pierre pgazzola at ...2281...
Thu Sep 19 10:18:06 EDT 2002

Hello All!

Well with my demntia it make it more of a challenge for me to make it work.

However I am at 90% sure it is working corectly as no error is showing.

I just need to take my time and stop when brain wonder to far and come back 
another day.From what i read it seem like a heck of a good program.


> hello!

> I have a heck of a problem figuring out how to edit snort.conf

I know!
How about using a text editor!
> Is there a kind soul that could send me there put XXX for ip so i can see 
> i need to do.I connect directly with my linux box via a hub.
> hub as no ip each box as it own static ip.
It's probably no use anyone sending you a copy of their snort.conf as
each setup requires a custom interpretation.

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