[Snort-users] Logging to Both Syslog and MySql

doswald at ...6357... doswald at ...6357...
Thu Sep 19 09:47:02 EDT 2002

I know this subject has been covered before..I have tried to do my homework
by searching the archives but I still don't seem to be able to find the
answer to this issue.

I am running the 1.8 version of snort on Windows 2000 server and I am
trying to log both to a remote MySQL database and a remote syslog server
with the following config in my snort.conf file

output alert_syslog: LOG_AUTH LOG_ALERT host=

output database: log, mysql, user=snort password=snort dbname=snort
host= sensor_name=ids1

 I do get information in database but not my syslog server, what am I
missing ? Is this possible ?

Thanks for any help in advance


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