[Snort-users] Snort 1.8.7 on Windows 2000 Server

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The -T switch reveals no errors. 
Snort successfully loaded all rules and checked all rule chains.

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Try running Snort with the -T switch.


snort -l d:\snort\logs -i4 -c d:\snort\snort -T

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I had been running Snort on NT4, but decided to put it on a W2K box (SP3). 
I'm using Snort 1.87 build 128 with MSSQL support, and WinPCap 2.3. 
I use snort -l d:\snort\logs -i4 -c d:\snort\snort.conf 
Snort starts with the usual happy messages, runs for about 30-60 seconds,
and then I get my command prompt back with no error messages.

I would appreciate any suggestions. 

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