[Snort-users] Flexresp Support and libnet ver 1.1.0

Jim Cliver jim.c at ...3008...
Wed Sep 18 10:56:02 EDT 2002


I am trying to configure snort 1.8.7 with --enable-flexresp switch. 
I've compiled successfully the latest version of libnet (1.1.0) of
8/5/02 as stated (though not by release) in the INSTALL doc.  According
to the README doc of libnet 1.1.0 the API has been redesigned, this
change has broken the flexresp function and cannot be compiled any

My question is, is there an upcoming release of snort that will use the
newly available libnet API?  There is also included with the libnet
distribution a doc titled MIGRATION which discusses the changes to an
applications source necessary to make it functional with the new
release.  Unfortunately I'm not a programmer and am unable to make these
changes myself, or so I strongly suspect!:-)

Thank you,

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