[Snort-users] installing snort with mysql support on rh7.1

Bill bhalpin at ...6882...
Tue Sep 17 11:55:08 EDT 2002

On Tue, 2002-09-17 at 12:11, Slighter, Tim wrote:
> Have you tried to run the ./configure without specifying the paths..such
> ./configure --with-mysql
> or perhaps ./configure --with-mysql=/usr 

Son of a.... so I tried alot weird combos already but decided to try the --with-mysql=/usr option.

It didnt produce the error during the build like before in 1.8.7 but it
still failed to startup with the mysql error.  So i tried the same thing
in 1.9.0beta6 and would you believe it worked and started up.  So now
everything is working fine.

Thanks to everyone for your help


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