[Snort-users] More info on "DDOS - TFN client command LE"

Semerjian, Ohanes Semerjian.Ohanes at ...4899...
Mon Sep 16 21:28:02 EDT 2002

Below is the signature definition that trigger the alerts
alert icmp $EXTERNAL_NET any -> $HOME_NET any (msg:"DDOS - TFN client
command LE"; itype: 0; icmp_id: 51201; icmp_seq: 0; reference:
arachnids,183; classtype:attempted-dos; sid:251; rev:1;)

To understand more about TFN I've also included some info about it
TFN is made up of client and daemon programs, which implement a
distributed network denial of service tool capable of waging ICMP
flood, SYN flood, UDP flood, and Smurf style attacks, as well as
providing an "on demand" root shell bound to a TCP port.

TFN daemons were originally found in binary form on a number of
Solaris 2.x systems, which were identified as having been compromised
by exploitation of buffer overrun bugs in the RPC services "statd",
"cmsd" and "ttdbserverd".

Best Regards
Ohanes Semerjian
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Can anyone give me more information on this attack, "DDOS - TFN client
command LE"?  It just showed up in my logs from the ISP's router


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