[Snort-users] Rookie configuration question

Wim van den Berge wim at ...6918...
Mon Sep 16 13:25:05 EDT 2002



Being completely new to Snort I was wondering if someone would take a
couple of minutes to help me out. I'm looking to implement Snort as an
IDS. My problem is that I'm not exactly sure on how to physically
implement this. 


Instead of trying to explain what our network looks like, I posted a PDF
at: http://www.sisd.net/net.pdf. 


I reserved an Intel server (Compaq DL360) to run Snort on, This server
has RH Linux running and has 4 10/100 ethernet interfaces (2 on-board, 2
3com 3c905) It has two processors, 512 MB memory, and 72 GB drive space)


I think the picture explains most of the equipment in place, and what
I'd like to do. What I'm looking for is specific equipment/configuration
advice to get this to run as good as possible, specifically on the
interface configuration on the DMZ Cisco devices.


Thanks in advance,





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