[Snort-users] Rules question

Matt Kettler mkettler at ...4108...
Mon Sep 16 09:20:04 EDT 2002

The whitehats ruleset has not been maintained for a long time. If you 
examine the files you will see just how long it has been (some time in 2000 
if I recall correctly)

Until the author of that ruleset is released from prison and resumes 
maintenance of the ruleset do not use it. Fortunately he's supposed to be 
released in mid October, but until that time comes, the ruleset is dead and 
only exists for academic interest purposes.

At 11:50 AM 9/16/2002 -0300, Pedro Tedeschi wrote:
>How rules are most used/best:
>Whitehats or "Standard Rules" of snort page?
>Looking a whitehat rule, i'm really liked, but comparing with the standard 
>rules, very rules are missing ...
>i need to know if the whitehat rules, are trust, or miss some rules and 
>there are not recommendable to use.
>Pedro Tedeschi

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