[Snort-users] SnortCenter & IDSPolMan: Windows Only???

Bob Van Cleef vancleef at ...211...
Mon Sep 16 08:15:06 EDT 2002

I downloaded both Snort Center and IDSPolMan for evaluation.
A couple of comments:

1 - There is basically NO installation documentation with either 
    one, not even a README describing system requirements.

2 - There is not information on installation other than what 
    is buried in the scripts on Snort Center, and IDSPolMan
    comes with nothing by a .EXE to run!

I guess I should be able to ASSuME that they have been checked out before
advertised on snort.org, so they should be safe to run.  However, there is
no way I will run an ROOT script on one of my systems without a bit more
background information on what it expects and what it will do.

As for IDSPolMan, IDSPM1.3.EXE implies Windows only to me (IDSPM1.3.EXE:
MS-DOS executable (EXE), OS/2 or MS Windows), which might be a factor in a
Unix/Linux only environment.

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