[Snort-users] Snortcenter for Win32

Andrew Thompson Andrew at ...6888...
Sun Sep 15 18:29:06 EDT 2002

Has anyone else tried the Snortcenter for Win32 install?

I can get the console working (no acid plugin. it breaks, and some of the files listed don't exist, but I think thats because this isn't written into the Win32 port yet)... but I can't get the sensors up, not even locally. I can get the web page with 'start, stop, restart, status, system' up, but when i click start, there are start_snort.bat files, and snort_cmd_line files that don't exist.

I've tried creating my own, and it causes the install to fail miserably.  

When I try to add one of these sensors to the console, it breaks. I can't login anymore, and it hangs, although the webserver keeps working for ACID.

Any ideas/thoughts? What did I miss?

Drew Thompson
Senior Network Integrator
Lanworks Inc
drew at ...6886...

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