[Snort-users] libpcap question?

Jason Costomiris jcostom at ...2019...
Sun Sep 15 06:19:02 EDT 2002

On Sun, Sep 15, 2002 at 04:21:51AM -0500, J. Craig Woods wrote:
: Would some kind soul tell me where in the hell
: snort-1.8.7-1snort.i386.rpm (from the snort.org page) is looking for
: libpcap.so.0.6.2? This is a mandrake distro, and I have libpcap0-0.7.1-2
: and the devel installed. I have setup symlinks in all the usual lib
: directories to no avail. Where, or from what directory, is the little
: piggy doing the search for this file?

That RPM was built against RedHat.  Get the SRPM and rpm --rebuild to suit
your system's lib versions..

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