[Snort-users] Snort over PPPoE

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Sat Sep 14 18:48:02 EDT 2002

You can obviously place the sensor either in front of or behind the 
Firewall or on both side (diff boxes of course).

Have you tried to run Snort from the command line?
Do you see any errors?
The PPPOE modem turns the Phone line info into Ethernet data. at the point 
of egress from the modem you can place a sensor/router/switch or what ever 
blows your skirt away BUT PPPOE has nothing to do with your Snort not 
starting and staying running.

Good luck


At 06:59 PM 9/14/2002 -0500, Robert McDonald wrote:
>New to the list.
>I have ADSL over PPPoE, and I can't seem to get snort 1.8.6 to work.  It 
>will start, but then dies on it's own with no error message.  Is this 
>fixed in 1.8.7? Or should i just place a IDS box on the switch that the 
>ADSL modem and firewall are connected to?
>Robert McDonald
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