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I'm not too sure that I'm understanding correctly, but from what I gather
your thinking of starting multiple snort instances from 1 config file,
whereas you should be using 1 config file per node so you can properly
control each config.  As such, the single line sensor_name= will suffice.

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Hey ppl,
Making progress, I have Snort and Webmin on one box and ACID, Apache and
MySQL on another box. Everything is working as it should be. I would like to
be able to name the sensors so that when I look at ACID I would know to what
eth1, eth2 and eth3 subnets they belong to.
I have searched the archives and I have found that you can name the sensors
within the snort.conf file at the line 'output database' and adding
sensor_name=xyzabc. What if you have multiple sensors, how would you add the
sensor names? Does one add multiple lines with the sensor_name=sensor
appended on each line?
As always thanks in advance for the input ppl  :-)
Tim -- Mia/Fla
Network Security Student

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