[Snort-users] FreeBSD install errors, maybe release issue

Michael Boman michael at ...3137...
Wed Sep 11 21:34:02 EDT 2002

At 01:59 PM 9/11/2002 -0700, Goldmoon wrote:
>Here's what I did in trying to install snort on
> >
> > 1. downloaded snort-stable.tar.gz
> > 2. gunzip snort-stable.tar.gz
> > 3. cd /usr/local/snort-stable
> > 4 ./configure (works fine)
> > 5. make, error: cd. && autoheader
> > autoheader: not found
> > ***Error code 127
> > Stop in /usr/local/snort-stable."
> > 6. make install, same error.
>Seems that I'm not the only one having this issue. If
>anyone knows how to fix this, please let me know.

You have to install automake and autoconf. They are somewhere in the 
/usr/ports directory (probably under devel, but I am not at a FreeBSD 
machine now so I can't check). Once you are in the (automake | autoconf) 
directory you run "make all install clean", go grab a cup of <insert 
favorite drink here>, relax and wait until you get your prompt back.

Best regards
  Michael Boman

Michael Boman
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