[Snort-users] FreeBSD Snort Install Help!!!!!

Michael Boman michael at ...3137...
Wed Sep 11 10:22:04 EDT 2002

First of all, this is more of a FreeBSD issue then snort.

At 09:35 AM 9/11/2002 -0700, Goldmoon wrote:
>Here are some problems I've encountered since trying
>to install FreeBSD and snort. Here is how I've
>allocated my disk in FreeBSD, it's a 4GB drive:
>/ 100M
>/swap 2000M
>/usr  1500M
>/tmp   200M
>/var   rest
>I'm at the "install necessary ports" section and here
>are the errors while trying to install the ports:
>1. When ran for the second time,
>    make; make install
>The error message: Sep 10 15:08:45 snort /kernel: pid
>68926(cp), uid 0 on /usr: file system full

You have allocated too little space on /usr (where /home also resides).

>2. When running all the other ports installation via
>the instructions,
>The error message: ....(filename)doesn't seem to exist
>in /usr/ports/distfiles

Probibly because of too little diskspace. Too little information to say for 
sure. Or you are running a outdated ports repository (install and use 
cvsup. refer to man page of cvsup).

> >>couldn't fetch it-please try to retrieve this port
>manually into /usr/ports/distfiles and try again
>Error Code 1
>3. I've downloaded the patch, resolv.patch and
>When attempt to do the following: cd /usr/src
>                               patch < /path/to/path
>I've tried "patch < resolv.patch" What is the correct

You are talking out of context.. What are you trying to do? (and please 
don't answer, please state the question to a FreeBSD mailinglist).

>4. I can't get X-windows to work even though I've
>configured my monitor and video card correctly, what
>suggestions do you have? I have a trident 3dimage 9750
>video card and an Impression 70 plus monitor.

Ask a FreeBSD mailinglist.

>What am I doing wrong?

You are 1st of all asking in the wrong place.

>I'm getting a bit frustrated
>since I've reinstalled FreeBSD several times thinking
>I might have missed something, but I'm following the
>directions down to the "t" Please help!!!!

I would guess diskspace is your problem. Ask a FreeBSD mailinglist.

Best regards
  Michael Boman

Michael Boman
Student, Husband, Geek. Not necessary in that order thought.

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