[Snort-users] SQL logging + ACID

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Tue Sep 10 18:11:02 EDT 2002


I've configured snort to run with the following parameters:

	snort -D -N -k none -o -c /usr/local/etc/snort.conf

-N is supposed to turn off packet logging and now I don't see any 'alert'
file in /var/log/snort -- this is good. Snort is also configured to log
alerts to MySQL:

	output database: alert, mysql, user=user password=passwd dbname=db \

Now, I'm getting this log in ACID:

	   #0-(1-1)        spp_anomsensor: Anomaly threshold exceeded:
12.6369        2002-09-11 08:53:56        TCP

Which normally didn't show up without the "-N" and with "output database:
log, mysql" option. I don't want this logging behavior since it will
obviously flood my db; I only want to log alerts but removing "-N" fills up
disk space too because of /var/log/snort/alert. What should be my

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