[Snort-users] gigabit nic?

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Tue Sep 10 13:52:05 EDT 2002

This has already been said, but I'll just repeat it - if the OS will
support it, Snort'll use it.  I specifically have had a lot of luck
using Intel Pro/1000F Server adapters, since all of our Gig
infrastructure uses fiber.  The Linux driver support is good, and the
box I have it installed in (Dual PIII-850's (Snort only uses 1 CPU, but
this was the machine that I had available...), 256MB RAM, 2.4.18smp
kernel) keeps up with a 100Mbit sustained pipe, albeit with a somewhat
tweaked ruleset.  I've seen the traffic on that link spike up to ~
250Mbits, and Snort doesn't barf and I don't show dropped packets.


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I'm running Snort 1.8.7 on RH Linux 7 on a Compaq DL360. I'm wondering
if I can install a gigabit NIC in the box? How high of throughput can
Linux/Snort handle and would this change benefit me at all? We currently
don't have heavy traffic, but I'm wondering if a large attack were to
come along, would Snort still be able to catch attacks at higher NIC


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