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Marc Dreher MarcDreher at ...158...
Fri Sep 6 02:37:02 EDT 2002

Hi all,

I posted this question already a couple of days ago. As I did not get an
answer either nobody knows (which I doubt) or it is a very well known issue and
I was tu stupid to find the answer in the faq or list history (allthough I
looked closly). The problem is the following.
When I have snort logging alerts in unified form to a file and take this
file as input for barnyard to write the output either to syslog or the
alert_fast output plugin I do not get any IP adresses or time information for
spp_portscan alerts. Output from alert_fast for example looks like this:

01/01/-30-00:00:00.000000 {IP} ->
[**] [100:2:1] spp_portscan: Portscan Status [**]
[Classification: Not Suspicious Traffic] [Priority: 0]

all other alerts are fine. When I have snort log into the plain ascii alert
file everything is ok as well.

Thanks fo any hints.


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