[Snort-users] ShellCode exploits

Keith Young kyoung at ...6513...
Thu Sep 5 19:10:06 EDT 2002

Latha K wrote:
> I am looking for some samples/test programs where I can execute a buffer 
> overflow across the network. I am looking for for a client/server 
> application where I should able to run a exploit and get access to 
> remote shell/commands.
> Anyone having idea of buffer-overflow exploits in older version of 
> Telnet/FTP servers can help me to point them.


Go to "http://www.securityfocus.com" and search for "wu-ftpd overflow". 
You should find at least one script that will overflow older Linux FTP 

(Sorry, I would give you the exact URL but I am having problems getting 
to the site right now).


--Keith Young
-kyoung at ...6513...

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