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Thu Sep 5 16:02:02 EDT 2002


Thanks to the most excellent support from many of the members on the list, I now have a fully functional Snort NIDS with MySql, ACID and Apache on one box and MySql/ACID on the second box to which I have installed Webmin for ease of rule administration. There is much more to learn, like the different aspects of MySql and ACID and how to manage alerts and writing rules for Snort itself, but all in time.

If I wanted access to the Webmin on the ACID/MySql box from the Internet I would guess that I would have to create a rule on the Firewall/iptables box that would allow me access to whatever port I designate for Webmin access. Is this doable....is it practical....would it expose me to a hack, that maybe I don't know about? 

As always, gratefully appreciative of the input and insight from the members on the list.

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