[Snort-users] ACID and duplicate alert

Todd Holloway todd at ...4574...
Thu Sep 5 12:49:03 EDT 2002

I get this error only occasionally when I try to "move/copy" a alert(s) to the archive.

Ignored 1 duplicate alert(s)

No alerts were selected or the ARCHIVE-move was not successful

Added 0 alert(s) to the Alert cache

And in checking the archive, I don't see any such duplicate,
and of course the alert is not "moved/copied" over.


Database: snort at ...274...    (schema version: 105)
ACID v0.9.6b21
2.4.18-6mdkenterprise #1 SMP


[It] contains "vegetable stabilizer" which sounds ominous.  How unstable are vegetables?
								Jeff Zahn

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