[Snort-users] [ANN] HenWen 1.2

Nick Zitzmann dreamless at ...4371...
Wed Sep 4 18:44:06 EDT 2002

HenWen 1.2 is now available for download from my home page.

Direct link: http://dreamless.home.attbi.com/software/HenWen1.2.dmg.gz

The MD5 checksum on this release is $9398106F3A52EDB223B53F636B5B4C09. 
Make sure you use Disk Copy or Hdiutil to check the checksum, not 
OpenSSL or anything else.

For those of you who missed my previous announcements: HenWen is a 
network security package for Mac OS X that makes it easy to configure 
and run Snort, a network intrusion detection system, and monitor Snort 
in real time. The package also includes LetterStick, a simple Snort 
alert monitor that processes alert data in real time.

The big new feature in 1.2 is support for ODBC. You can now log Snort 
alerts to any database that supports ODBC (Oracle, Sybase, PostgreSQL, 
Microsoft SQL Server, FileMaker, etc.) as long as you have the 
necessary ODBC drivers.

I also fixed a number of bugs in LetterStick. Memory problems have been 
fixed, and LetterStick now uses Terminal instead of Console to display 
the log file.

This gets me to what I suspect is going to be the most controversial 
change. The whole package now requires Mac OS X 10.2 or later; it will 
not work in 10.0.x or 10.1.x now. The reasons are because LetterStick 
uses some new APIs that are only in 10.2 or later, and the new Snort 
binary is linked to an ODBC library that is not present in previous 
versions of the OS. Most of the changes in 1.2 are specific to OS X 
10.2 anyway.

I'm really surprised by the feedback I've been getting. Lots of 5 star 
ratings and over 1,000 downloads per release on VersionTracker, etc. 
Thanks for your support!

Nick Zitzmann
ICQ: 22305512
AIM/iChat: dragonsdontsleep

Check out my software page: http://dreamless.home.attbi.com/

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