[Snort-users] No IP adress in portscan output from barnyard

Marc Dreher MarcDreher at ...158...
Tue Sep 3 07:50:08 EDT 2002


I am having barnyard read an unified alert log and sending the alerts to a
central syslog server. Unfortunatly, for the events collected by the
spp_portscan processor I do not get any IP adresses. I.e.:
Sep  3 16:41:44 barnyard: [100:2:1] spp_portscan: Portscan
Status [Classification: Not Suspicious Traffic] [Priority: 0] {IP} ->

all ather alerts are just fine.
In my portscan.log everything is ok. Also, when I have snort log to an ascii
alert file I do get IP adresses.
What am I missing?
I am using snort 1.8.7

Thanks for any help


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