[Snort-users] NETBIOS NT NULL session

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Tue Sep 3 06:52:02 EDT 2002

NT Null sessions are something that is used by MS operating systems to get
information about another server. It is a way to connect to a machine and
not authenticate (Null) then gather information from the machine. You can
use a null session to collect information about who is logged onto a
machine, what domain they are part of and some other stuff. I think you can
also make registry updates using Null sessions. You can restrict what
information can be viewed by null sessions by setting restrictanoymous in
the registry (doing a search on the web will bring up the exact location).
If you completely disable null sessions things will break but by making this
registry change you can limit the impact of the null sessions.

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> Why am I getting these alerts to my NT Fileserver?
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