[Snort-users] -b binary logging question

John Sage jsage at ...2022...
Mon Sep 2 21:49:02 EDT 2002

Having a discussion off-list about the -b binary logging switch, and
suddenly I'm wondering...

Does the -b binary logging switch *always* record all packets on the

Or is the set of packets logged by -b changed when one starts to
specify a snort.conf and thus check the packets against rules, whether
alerts or passes?

"If you're on a high speed network or you want to log the packets into
a more compact form for later analysis you should consider logging in
"binary mode". Binary mode logs the packets in "tcpdump format" to a
single binary file in the logging directory:

./snort -l ./log -b

Note the command line changes here. We don't need to specify a home
network any longer because binary mode logs everything into a single
file, which eliminates the need to tell it how to format the output
directory structure."

This implies that -b gets everything.

OK: does it *always* get everything?

- John
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