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On Monday 02 September 2002 23:56, you wrote:
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Sorry, my reflex is to press 'Reply All'.

> >  I've hacked the sourcecode of spo_database.c so it ignores the BFP part.
> > It's an easy hack but if anyone wants a diff file please let me know. DS
> Make it a option in the output line and I'll include it.

Ok. Here is a diff against SNORT_1_8 CVS. I called the option 'ignore_bpf' and 
it's a boolean. I updated README.database documentation to reflect the change 
as well.

The code seems to work nicely but as usual it's provided AS-IS/It-works-for-me 
and if it breaks you get to keep both pices. And any spelling errors is just 
your imagination, they don't really exist bla bla bla (I am bored, doesn't it 
show?) ;)

#include <std/disclaimer.h>

Best regards
 Michael Boman

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