[Snort-users] pass rules for one alert

Night-Stalker TheEagleSociety at ...2792...
Mon Sep 2 04:39:47 EDT 2002

Hello everybody,

I have a simple question:
I want to ignore exactly one rule, that triggers false positives from one host to another. To do so, I wrote an pass-rule like that:

pass tcp <source-ip> any -> <dest-ip> 21 (msg:"FTP command overflow attempt"; flags:A+; dsize:>100; reference:bugtraq,4638; classtype:protocol-command-decode; sid:1748; rev:3;)

I don't want to ignore all FTP-Data between these hosts, only the FTP-Data that triggers this alert (thats means the pass-rule:
pass tcp <source-ip> any -> <dest-ip> 21
isn't precise enough. And ignores all FTP-Data.)

Is it possible to ignore exactly the FTP-Data between these Hosts, that triggers that alert. I want the other FTP-Data between these Hosts being scanned for other FTP-Exploits except the "FTP command overflow attempt".

System: Debian 3.0 x86, snort 1.8.7, ACID, MySQL
Snort-Options: snort -c /my/way/to/snort.conf -d -D -e -g snortgroup -i eth0 -o -u snortuser
Interface: eth0, no IP-Address



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