[Snort-users] no logging to disk

galitz galitz at ...247...
Thu Oct 31 16:39:04 EST 2002


I am using the latest snort 1.9 and am having a little
issue.  I am logging to a remote MySQL database but I 
do not want any logging to disk at all.  It is not clear
if using the -N parameter will accomplish this.  What is 
the correct way to do this?


Another real-world example is AROS, the Amiga Research Operating System. The project history teaches us that they originally tried to design a better AmigaOS than AmigaOS, adding virtual memory and all sorts of features people had been longing for in the original environment. After endless debates about how to implement them, somebody took over and decided to clone the original, call by call, and then see about the improvements. Suddenly the project started and has been making great progress since then.

- Emmanuel Marty

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