[Snort-users] Spade version 021031.1 available

James Hoagland hoagland at ...47...
Thu Oct 31 15:01:03 EST 2002

Greetings All,

Users have given some feedback on the last Spade release and so there 
is now an updated version of our statistical anomaly detector for 
Snort, 021031.1.  (This was a month of Spade and SnortSnarf 
releases.)  This is what has changed from 021029.1:

+ fixed a bug introduced in the last version causing compiler to complain
     about undeclared variable 'ap'
+ how many packets were stored, how many were anomalous, and overall count
     is now reported accurately in spade log file
+ avoided compiler warning about "subscript has type `char'" that some
     people experienced
+ support added for installing Spade when automake is not available (see
     Installation file)

You can download this and learn more at:


Best regards,


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