[Snort-users] Receiving data from sensors to a central databa se with Mysql

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Tue Oct 29 08:17:06 EST 2002

Check this out.... http://www.inetsecurity.info

There is a document there outlining how to set up 3 sensors running freeBSd,
snort, and logging to a central mysql DB and administered through acid. You
don't need to run more than 1 mysql install, all the sensors use the client
side only (./configure --without-server) so this isn't an issue.

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with Mysql

	I'm looking some way of having a group of sensors send their data to
central database, where it could be proccessed by front-ends like Acid or
similar. I've been looking only a little, but it seems that using MySQL this
could be done quite simply, using its built-in replicating system. The
is that I don't know if updating a central database from several different
ones is possible. The replicating proccess in MySQL seems to be thought for
one-to-one replication.

	Has anyone done something alike? Any experience/hint?

	Thanks in advance.

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