[Snort-users] bad traffic tcp port 0 traffic

John York YorkJ at ...7109...
Mon Oct 28 14:17:06 EST 2002

I've been seeing a fair amount of that traffic as well.  When I trace
the source, it often turns out to be video or music.  The kids in our
computer labs are pretty adept at finding P2P or clandestine music
John York

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Blue Ridge Community College
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that specific one there looks to be a SOCKS proxy scan, being that the
destination port is 1080:

my guess as to why the source port is set to 0 is to get past more
firewalls, many people forget that 0 is a number, and they may block
1-65535 and leave out port 0. 

from the IPFilter mailing list:
--begin snip--
Note that both the source port is zero, and they've turned on both
and TH_FIN on the packet. Both of these are undoubtably in an attempt
to bypass a firewall.
--end snip--

thats just my guess though.

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> Subject: [Snort-users] bad traffic tcp port 0 traffic
> I've seen several scans, from several different addresses and 
> targeting
> different ports, which are originating from TCP port 0, thus tripping
> the "bad traffic tcp port 0" rule.  Does anyone know what this traffic
> is?  Why would you want to launch a scan from tcp port 0?
> begin sanitized log snip
> 10/14-02:37:47.357584 ,BAD TRAFFIC tcp port 0
> traffic,TCP,,0,(target
> ip),1080,0:8:E2:84:90:A,0:D0:B7:47:81:67,0x3C,******S*,0x15BEF
> ,0x0,20,0x200,111,0,1828,40,20,,,,
> /snip
> Thanks.
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