[Snort-users] snort and oralce (snort 1.90)

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For Oracle, the answer is one of two things:  
 You should probably defined a default setting for the LAST_CID (should
probably also be done in the contrib sql file).  
 The current version of spo_database does not work with oracle.  I
recommend you cvs back to version 1.55.  Some of the changes made to
move to DB Schema 106 will cause oracle errors, filling up your syslog
in a big hurry.  

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	Hi, anyone knows why for the following messages ?
	snort -i hme0 -l ./log -c etc/snort.conf 
	database: compiled support for ( oracle )
	database: configured to use oracle
	database:          user = snort
	database: password is set
	database: database name = ocean
	database:   sensor name =
	database: oracle_error: ORA-01403: no data found
	database: oracle_error: ORA-01400: cannot insert NULL into
	database: oracle_error: ORA-01403: no data found
	database: Problem obtaining SENSOR ID (sid) from ocean->sensor
	 When this plugin starts, a SELECT query is run to find the
sensor id for the
	 currently running sensor. If the sensor id is not found, the
plugin will run
	 an INSERT query to insert the proper data and generate a new
sensor id. Then a
	 SELECT query is run to get the newly allocated sensor id. If
that fails then
	 this error message is generated.
	 Some possible causes for this error are:
	  * the user does not have proper INSERT or SELECT privileges
	  * the sensor table does not exist
	 If you are _absolutely_ certain that you have the proper
privileges set and
	 that your database structure is built properly please let me
know if you
	 continue to get this error. You can contact me at
(roman at ...438...).
	Fatal Error, Quitting..
	1. Sensor is created.
	2. Have all the privileges for snort .
	thanks !!!
	Gongya Yu

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