[Snort-users] running snort

James Ainslie james at ...5704...
Thu Oct 24 00:00:02 EDT 2002

On (2002/10/23 22:19), Zachary Uram wrote:n
> Also is there any way I can have snort alert me when there is a Priority
> 1 alert logged? Ideally it would mail root the relevent alert as well as
> do something in X to get my attention a la xbiff - flashing icon and
> sound ideally.

Try take a look at demarc, its a great fully featured snort management
consol. Only problem is it tries to do too much, and the installation
process tries to make it "clicky-clicky" ala windows and offended me so
much I tossed the product. But I used to run it and if you have the
patience for the install, then I suggest you take a look.


James Ainslie <unixhead>

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