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Are there any plans to include some serious wireless capabilities in

At the bare minimum, an IDS with WiFi capabilities should be able to
- 802.11 Probe Request packets: this is to detect ad-hoc networks, spy
WiFi cards, etc.
- 802.11 Beacon frames: this is to detect rogue access points
Of course, more sophisticated criteria could be considered, including
the detection of unauthorised clients, etc.

Snorting with a WiFi card close to your parking lot is not only fun,
it's actually extremely healthy. ;-)

Note: i am aware Snort is focused on layer 3+, and i am aware that some
people might consider snorting the copper wire to the access points
instead. However, a true WiFi IDS is something that's badly needed these

Florin Andrei

I hope you're not that kind of person, who at the same time
praises the BSD license, but bitches at monopolies.

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