[Snort-users] Multiple Problem with support plugin snmp in snort1.9.0

roger_h cat_roger22 at ...125...
Wed Oct 23 10:27:01 EDT 2002

In this scenarious:
Box RH-7.3+mysql+snmp+flexresp+acid+snortcenter

The system apparently work good, i've only problem when i try to add in
snort.conf the line for matching support snmp...

output trap_snmp: alert, 1, trap, c, xx.xx.xx.xx , private

this output after test(snort -T):
database: schema version = 106
database: using the "log" facility
SnmpTrapPlugin: expected {inform | trap }                 got c,
Assuming trap.            1291 Snort rules read...
1291 Option Chains linked into 131 Chain Headers
0 Dynamic rules

Rule application order: ->activation->dynamic->alert->pass->log

        --== Initialization Complete ==--

I've tryed all example and only this it dont have fatal error but however
not working.
Sorry for my bad english, thanks.

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