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Just wanted you opinion on the matter. You are right though, most of the
contrib stuff is Unix based. I have seen some issues with Red Hat 8.0 on the
mailing listsrv. Might want to look at some of the archive info. Seems like
most are going back to RH 7.3. Seems to work a bit better especially on the
install. (By the way, I have installed did on 8.0 with no problems, ACID,
MySQL, Syslog)

Good luck

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Most of the snort information available pertains to Linux installs.  The
win32 version does not always have the ancillary contrib files and so forth.
No particular reason for RH 8.0 other than that is what I am running.


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Can I ask you why you are tired of working on a Win2K platform for Snort?
Also, why are you planning to use Red Hat 8.0? Any particular choice of

Thanks for your time and efforts


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Any issues running snort 1.9.0 on Redhat 8.0?  Tired of working with win32
version on Windows 2000.


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