[Snort-users] Snort and Kazaa 2.0

Sam Evans sam at ...5202...
Tue Oct 22 18:04:03 EDT 2002

Based on what we have seen, it no longer uses the 1214 port for it's
traffic.  (Although, it does use it sometimes.. )  Wierd.

Anyway, we have come up with a rule that seems to work very well for the new
Kazaa.   YMMV though..

This is for snort 1.8.7 (but should work for 1.9.0).

alert tcp any any -> any any (msg: "P2P Kazaa File Transfer"; content:
"X-Kazaa"; rev: 1;)

What we have seen, is that even though the new Kazaa doesn't use the
standard 1214, the protocol still utilizes the X-Kazaa tag for it's
transfers.  While this rule will not alert you as to when someone is
searching for a file, it will alert when someone initiates a transfer
session.  (Multiple times quite possibly, depending on the packet).

Through a resp: rst_snd in there, and you've blocked Kazaa 2.0 (at least in
our experience).


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> Hi,
> Sorry about the last, empty mesg.
> I want to know if someone could help me to block kazaa
> 2.0 traffic, using snort or iptables. This new version
> seems to use a lot os different port numbers and I
> can't block it.
> Thank's
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> Vicente
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