[Snort-users] Snort real-time awareness tools - your opinion

Shreyas Doshi shreyas.doshi at ...6955...
Tue Oct 22 09:28:09 EDT 2002

Hello Snort users,

I am developing some web-based apps for providing users with real-time
awareness of what is being written on to the snort database. While I
have collected some requirements for such tools, I thought it might be a
good idea to solicit the opinions of snort users about what kind of
information they would like to obtain in real-time. Any
ideas/suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Considering the sheer
volume of information that is collected by snort, the idea behind these
tools is to help snort users to monitor activity without compromising
their sanity.

While some existing tools do such a job, I am wondering if you have
anything on your wish-list for such a tool.


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