[Snort-users] Off topic a little - usage by port?

Alberto Gonzalez ag-snort at ...7149...
Tue Oct 22 07:46:02 EDT 2002

hrm, iirc iptraf(http://www.iptraf.org) has statistics after you start 
sniffing. It runs on linux (console). Though sending SIGUSR1 to snort
will give you packet statistics, but not the way you want it.

    Hope it helps
        - Albert

Rich Adamson wrote:

>I know this is a little off topic, but the folks that hang out here
>may know...
>I'm looking for a software app that can be used to monitor all traffic
>mirrored from a switch port (as an example), that would accumulate
>usage statistics by IP and tcp/udp port number. It would be great if
>the app could be configured to gather stats for "either" source port
>or destination port. Logging the usage stats to a file on some
>predetermined interval would be helpfull.
>  Source IP       Proto Dest Port Packets
>  --------------- ----- --------- ---------
> udp   53        452
>                  tcp   445       10
>                  tcp   110       4,000
>                  tcp   80        1,234
>                  icmp  ---       22
>Does anyone know of such an app or have any thoughts about something
>that might be close that I can modify to do this? 
>Doesn't need to be pretty, and I don't care if it runs under Linux or 
>Win2k; either would be fine.
>radamson at ...2127...

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