[Snort-users] Off topic a little - usage by port?

Rich Adamson radamson at ...2127...
Tue Oct 22 07:27:04 EDT 2002

I know this is a little off topic, but the folks that hang out here
may know...

I'm looking for a software app that can be used to monitor all traffic
mirrored from a switch port (as an example), that would accumulate
usage statistics by IP and tcp/udp port number. It would be great if
the app could be configured to gather stats for "either" source port
or destination port. Logging the usage stats to a file on some
predetermined interval would be helpfull.

  Source IP       Proto Dest Port Packets
  --------------- ----- --------- --------- udp   53        452
                  tcp   445       10
                  tcp   110       4,000
                  tcp   80        1,234
                  icmp  ---       22

Does anyone know of such an app or have any thoughts about something
that might be close that I can modify to do this? 

Doesn't need to be pretty, and I don't care if it runs under Linux or 
Win2k; either would be fine.

radamson at ...2127...

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