[Snort-users] Hardware for a 2 MBit Network Traffik

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Tue Oct 22 07:26:04 EDT 2002


we have a 2 MBit internet connection. The firewall and the router
are connected to a 3COM 10 MBit-hub. On this I want to connect
a snort box too.

Does a Pentium-1 200 MMX with a SCSI-Harddrive and a LevelOne
100 MBit Network-Card achieve the requirements of a snort box for 
this Network-Traffic?

Does anyone know if such a box is enough for iptraf or ntop?

I have a dual Pentium 200 MMX with SCSI-Disks. Does this old system
fit the requirements for network traffic analysis or protocol?


Alexander Bruns

Alexander Bruns
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