[Snort-users] How do I stop all alerts generated by 'ssp_stream4'? (snort 1.9.0 )

Alberto Gonzalez ag-snort at ...7149...
Mon Oct 21 21:12:03 EDT 2002

IMHO you should KNOW what your using, do some research on what that is 
exactly (ttl_limit that is).

just my 2 cents, the other 8 were free.

    - Albert

Bryce Stenberg wrote:

>Hi Chad,
>Thanks for that info.
>I don't know how I missed the 'disable_evasion_alerts' when upgrading, and I
>never did (and still don't) know what the ttl_limit was about.  But used
>them and all running well now. Thanks.
>Bryce Stenberg.

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