[Snort-users] May be slightly off topic but...

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May be slightly off topic but...Why don't you just sort by timestamp?  It'll
do pretty much the same thing...
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          I am using snort and ACID, I am trying to sort the alerts for a
particular ip address by the sensor and alert number below is a selection of
the alerts

  #50-(7-10290)        (60)Unknown Sig Name        2002-10-21 11:05:52        TCP

  #51-(7-10291)        (60)Unknown Sig Name        2002-10-21 11:05:52        TCP

  #52-(7-10288)        (60)Unknown Sig Name        2002-10-21 11:05:52        TCP

  #53-(7-10289)        (60)Unknown Sig Name        2002-10-21 11:05:52        TCP

  #54-(7-10287)        WEB-CGI GIF89a        2002-10-21 11:05:52        TCP

  The number I wish to sort on is the (7-102xx) I was hoping that one of you
guys more used to using Snort/Acid could give me an idea as to how to do
this :)


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