[Snort-users] Snort-1.9.0-win32.exe

Tom Morgan RTMorgan at ...7219...
Fri Oct 18 10:52:02 EDT 2002


I downloaded and installed Snort-1.9.0-win32.exe.  I need to find the
create_mysql associated with 1.9.0.  I am getting the following error:

database: mysql_error: Unknown column 'last_cid' in 'field list'
database: schema version = 105
database: The underlying database seems to be running an older version of
          the DB schema (current version=105, required minimum version=

          If you have an existing database with events logged by a previous
          version of snort, this database must first be upgraded to the
          schema (see the snort-users mailing list archive or DB plugin
          documention for details).

          If migrating old data is not desired, merely create a new instance
          of the snort database using the appropriate DB creation script
          (e.g. create_mysql, create_postgresql, create_oracle,
          located in the contrib\ directory.

          See the database documentation for cursory details
          and the URL to the most recent database plugin documentation.
Fatal Error, Quitting..

Where can a find a recent version of create_mysql?


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