[Snort-users] port 1241 MSG

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Fri Oct 18 09:39:04 EDT 2002

1241 is definitely a nessus port but kazaa typically (.. this can be
changed) resides on 1214

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> List, I used nmap to scan my network form the internet and 
> while all the
> ports that I don't use were closed, one was open. It is port 
> 1241 and this
> was defined:
> 1241 TCP MSG remote message service
> Should I close this to the internet? Is there a possible 
> vulnerability here?

hmmm...well there are a couple of things, off the top of my head, that live
on this port... nessus and kazaa.  It sounds like you are responsible for
firewall administration...why was the port opened in the first place?  have
you talked with your server adminstrator(s) to find out what's running on
the box?

- Jeff

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